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Student from GMTCC

"It was really fun working on team-building skills with people we had never met before!"

Student from CVU

“The 2023 SLC workshop I attended was a ton of fun, I got to work with kids from other schools, and see how they solve problems and how we all can work together."

Student from RVTC

“It was great to learn from real business professionals from the 14th Star Brewery and know the "why" and "how" they started. The meaning and value they showed how they operate the business was very interesting and useful.”

What is FBLA?

Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) is a student-run business education organization. Vermont FBLA students can build upon their classroom learning and apply it in real-world experiences by developing their leadership and business skills through local and state community service projects and state and national workshops, conferences, and competitions.

Conferences &


A few highlights and things you can expect by attending the Vermont FBLA conferences or workshop at them.

  • Dynamic and interactive speakers or entertainers.

  • An opportunity to network with business leaders and other students from different chapters around the state.

  • Make new friends. 

  • Group activities for FBLA members.

  • Workshops covers various business skills and scenarios through interactive presentations and qualified business professionals.

Another opportunity offered to Vermont FBLA Members is to attend the two National FBLA Conferences. They are the National Fall Leadership Conference and the National Leadership Conference (NLC). Each of these events are located in different cities and state each year. The conference in the fall is an opportunity to learn more about FBLA. The NLC is the culmination of the year for our members. If a member can succeed and place at the State Leadership Conference, a member is then eligible to represent Vermont at the National Leadership Conference where over 12,000 students gather together each year.

Learn more about the NLC at the National FBLA website below.


FBLA offers over 70 different speaking, testing, and presentation events. Vermont FBLA is one of only a few states that allows a student to participate in as many competitions as their FBLA Adviser allows they are eligible to compete in and meet the national scoring minimum for any of the events.

Two competition levels in Vermont: State and Nationals. The competitive events caters to a wide variety of student interests from Agribusiness to Word Processing that prepares students for the professional world. 

Types of Competitive Events

  • Objective Testing - A 60-minute individual test about the specified event topic

  • Production & Objective Testing - Two parts: a production test administered and proctored and a 60-minute objective test. Both parts are administered at the students home school site. Competitors may be individual or a team. All competitors must complete both parts for award eligibility.

  • Collaborative & Individual Object Testing & Role Play - A 60-minute individual objective test and a role play scenario. Judges receive a copy of the role play along with suggested questions to ask during each performance (role play).

  • Demonstration - The demonstration of a project on a specific topic provided in the event guidelines. Competitors may use technology, equipment, and/or visual aids as part of the presentation.

  • Interview - The employer (judge) interviews the applicant (competitor) by asking typical job interview questions.

  • Speech - A business speech based on FBLA goals, current events, and/or relevant business topics created and articulated by competitors.

State Community

Service Projects

The State Officer Team has two state-level community service projects each year. They are:


First, we have the Give Back. Give Forward. fall membership drive. There are many ways to give to others. The best leaders are givers because they invest in others in multiple ways. Servant leaders are ambitious for the success of the mission or cause they signed up for and ambitious for the success of others on their team. Servant leaders want things for people and not just from others.


Vermont FBLA provides an opportunity for each of the local chapters to give back to their individual communities through a membership drive campaign. 

The current Give Back. Give Forward. donation tiers are:

  • The chapter registered by the early registration date for the Fall Leadership Conference.

  • The chapter maintains the same number of members from the previous year.

  • The chapter increases its members by 25% from the previous year.

  • The chapter increases its members by 50% from the previous year.

  • The chapter has 100% business class or CTSO program enrollment of their members. 

Second, in the beginning of the new calendar year the State Officer Team will choose a specific nonprofit to partner with and showcase them at our State Leadership Conference (SLC). This way, collectively, all of our local chapters can participate in it as one unified state. 

Our previous statewide projects included:

  • Suicide prevention (2023)

  • A community food shelf where our SLC was located at (2022)

  • Fleece blankets for the homeless (2019)

Reach out to Krista Chadwick, Executive/State Director at if you would like to partner with us on a Vermont FBLA SLC project.


We want to hear from you and how this can enrich the Vermont FBLA students and their Advisers.

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