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State Leadership Conference

Leading The Future Through One Association
2023 Vermont FBLA SLC
Champlain College, Burlington           March 17, 2023

Registration Information
National/State FBLA Dues: $12.00 per year 
FBLA Paid Member: $70.00
FBLA Adviser/Chaperone: $35.00

*Register each of the chapter members annual dues to the National Office by December 2, 2022
*2023 Vermont FBLA registration opens in Blue Panda on December 19, 2022
*Submit registration by February 1, 2023
*All registration changes or additions need to be completed by February 8, 2023

*Register online and mail checks to:
       125 Kennedy Drive, Unit 39
       South Burlington, VT 05403

For more information, please contact

9:30-10:00: Registration, Food Drive Collection and Campaign Booth Setup
10:00-10:15: National Anthem, Welcome and FBLA Business Meeting
10:15-10:55: Group Development Activity
11:00-11:30: Workshops
11:30-11:45: Break
11:45-12:15: Income State Officer Speeches
12:20-1:15: Lunch
1:15-1:40: Campaign Booths and Meet Incoming State Officer Candidates
1:45-2:15: Workshops
2:15-2:30: Break
2:30-2:40 Chapter Campaign Caucus
2:40-3:00: Delegate Voting Session
3:00-3:15: Parade of Chapter Presidents
3:15-4:00: Leadership Mantra & Magic Show
4:00-5:00: Dinner
5:00-6:45: Awards of Excellence

Main Stage Events

Model the Way

As the UVM's 4-H Team & Leadership Coordinator, Lauren Traister provides program development, oversight and instruction for teen and leadership programs to foster youth leadership and other youth development topics. Lauren conducts a variety of leadership workshops for both you and adults, including the CTSO Chapter Officers training.

Leadership Mantra & Magic

As a business philosopher, physician, magician, and humorist, Dr. Steve Taubman engages members with high-energy, mind-bending, thought-provoking presentations that resonate at the deepest level while delivering tools to improve focus, positivity, and resilience. His entertaining approach to keynoting has earned him the highest accolades from audiences nationwide. In fact, Brian Tracy, American's Top Sales Trainer, says Dr. Steve "helps you release your brakes, snap out of your comfort zone, and accomplish more than you ever thought possible."

March 17, 2023

Ask An Expert: Learn About the Brewery Business


Steve Gagner & Ryan Chaffin (24 students maximum)

Join this interactive discussion with one of the co-founders and the general manager from 14th Star Brewery. The co-founders of this business started sketching their business model on the back of a notebook while serving their country overseas in Afghanistan. Learn what happens when good management style and community ties collide to create a solid marketing plan that not even a pandemic could destroy. The Brewery will also go over their can campaigns and the meaning behind them. Students will end the workshop with the opportunity to ask real world business leaders questions about how to start a business.

Champlain College Campus Tour

Champlain College Admissions Office (50 students maximum)

Meet your tour guide from Champlain College's Admissions Office in the Champlain Room to provide you with a personalized walking tour for a closer look at campus life and what Champlain College has to offer. 

Cooperation Countdown

Tamie Jo Dickinson (30 students maximum)

Through a team challenge, students will develop leadership and teamwork skills and practice reading and following detailed instructions. After this fun and competitive challenge, we will debrief the need for clear instructions, what makes a winning team, how groups organize themselves and work together, evidence of different learning/leadership work styles, etc., and when in business you might be required to operate under similar conditions. This will allow you to meet and work with FBLA members from around the state. 

Dining Etiquette

Susan Ladd (20 students maximum)

Good table manners are good for professional development. Learn to decode the mystery of the place setting and receive valuable dinning and table etiquette tips. Then you can focus on your table companions rather than which dinning utensil to use.  


Pat Patel (34 students maximum)

Students attending the FBLA entrepreneurship session will experience the following activities: an overview of entrepreneurship in all its forms, a focused exploration of entrepreneurship in the business world, hands-on action learning about business entrepreneurship, and small group hands-on entrepreneurship exercises involving business idea generation and business model building.  

Get Noticed on LinkedIn

Pat Boera (28 students maximum)

You have already proven yourself as a future leader in the dynamic world of business. Building a LinkedIn account is a great way to get noticed! Learn some of the features of this powerful tools: build an online community of professional contacts, highlight high school activities and achievements, boost your college application, search for connections to the job you want, and prove that you are dedicated to pursuing a career.  

Learn From An Expert: The Usefulness of Public Speaking

Steve Gagner & Ryan Chaffin (24 students maximum)

Many students rank public speaking as one of their greatest fears. At some point in a student's life, they will need to address audiences, such as class presentations or networking as a business leader. As one of the founding owners and the general manager of the 14th Star Brewery, Steve Gagner and Ryan Chaffin have participated on podcasts and connected with other business owners. Students will learn public speaking tips and techniques throughout this interactive workshop.  

Pitch It or Kick It!

State Officer Team & FBLA State Director (30 students maximum)

There are thousands of product ideas pitched around the world each year. Some of the ideas continue to Pitch It forward while others Kick It to the curb. Join the State Officer Team and the State Director for this interactive workshop to learn public speaking and product development tips before generating and presenting an initial team idea through an elevator speech and then re-presenting once the idea is further developed through a larger group exercise.

Survival of Life - Technology 101, Communication & Money

Bridget Atkins (24 students maximum)

This interactive workshop will inspire, instruct, and help boost your confidence toward success. Providing an extra push to help you better prepare for, take hold of, and change into being the future business leaders that we know our workforce needs. Warning!! You may leave this workshop with techniques on how to manage and advocate for your inner leader.  

Survival of Life - Writing & Researching

Bridget Atkins (24 students maximum)

This interactive session will give participants the opportunity to learn about writing a professional email, a personalized thank you note, power writing, and the ability to research anything beyond Google.  

Test Taking Strategies

Betsy Calhoun (18 students maximum)

Students will learn how to prepare for tests, techniques to approach common question types, and how to reduce test anxiety. Test-taking skills help students in high school and college.   

Tips for Managing Your Time

Leslie Van Wagner (24 students maximum)

At times, it might feel like procrastination keeps you from truly accomplishing what's most important to you. This workshop will help you reflect on how you prioritize, learn task-management and motivational strategies, and understand the importance of self-care and allowing yourself breaks.  

Reported in the News

This section is dedicated to local chapters news worthy articles after attending this event.

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