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State Leadership Conference

Vermont FBLA offers more than 70 different competitive events ranging from accounting to website design to entrepreneurship to business graphics. Each event tests the student's competency knowledge and skills. Additionally, these competitive events are either performed individually or team-based through objective tests and judged presentation demonstrations or role-play events. Competitors that meet a minimum score and place in the top four places are then eligible to compete on behalf of Vermont for national awards at the National Leadership Conference (NLC) each summer.

The  2023 Vermont State Leadership Conference will be a one-day held at Champlain College in Burlington on Friday, March 17th, 2023.

General Reminders: 

All students must be registered and paid in the National FBLA registry BEFORE you can begin registering for the Vermont Spring Leadership Conference


2022-2023 National Competitive Event Guidelines

(Any single VT FBLA member or team may register for as many FBLA Nationally recognized competitions as their Advisor thinks they are eligible for in a given year.)

FBLA Objective Test Competency/

Task Lists

2022-2023 National Competitive

Event Rating Sheets

Awards and Recognition

State Leadership Conference Recognition

Gain recognition from these awards presented at the State Leadership Conference! The recipient of each follows in parenthesis.

  • Competitive Events (Member)

  • Scrapbook (Local Chapter)

  • T-Shirt (Member)

  • Pin (Member)

  • Who's Who in FBLA (Member)

  • Chapter of the Year (Local Chapter)

  • Local Chapter Annual Business Report

  • FBLA Advisor of the year 

  • New FBLA Advisor of the year

National Leadership Conference Recognition

The following award recipients are recognized at the National Leadership Conference!  The recipient of each follows in parenthesis.

  • Competitive Events (Member)

  • Open Events (Member)

  • State Presidents’ Recognition (Member)

  • Who’s Who (Member)

  • Largest Local Chapter Membership (Local Chapter)

  • Market Share Award (Local Chapter)

  • Largest State Recruitment of Chapters (State Chapter)

  • Largest Increase in State Chapter Membership (State Chapter)

  • Largest State Chapter Membership (State Chapter)

  • Lead2Feed (Local Chapter)

  • FBLA Distinguished Business Leader Scholarship (Member)

  • National Technical Honor Society Scholarship (Member)

Event Resources

Vermont FBLA State Leadership Competitive List

2022-2023 Event Changes

  • NEW EVENT: Introduction to Marketing Concepts will be an individual, objective test event for 9th and 10th.

  • MODIFICATION: 3-D Animation will be renamed Digital Animation and competitors will be able to submit their projects in any digital format (2-D or 3-D) they wish.

  • MODIFICATION: Introduction to Public Speaking and Public Speaking will now have a different topic posted each year from which the speech must be developed.

  • PROCEDURAL CHANGE: The cover and table of contents do not count toward the 15-page limit for reports.

  • PROCEDURAL CHANGE: The FBLA score sheets will be modified to include a “score range” for the descriptors of each expectation item.

  • PROCEDURAL CHANGE: Time penalties will be eliminated from all events, and timers will stop students from continuing once their allotted time has elapsed.

  • PROCEDURAL CHANGE: Permanently move to have all team event objective tests taken individually by each team member.  The scores of all team members will be averaged to determine the average team score.  Any team member who does not sign in and take the test will be removed from the team and prevented from advancing to final round competition.

  • PROCEDURAL CHANGE: Members may compete in an event at NLC more than once if they have not previously placed in the top ten of that event at NLC.  If a member places in the top ten of an event at NLC, they are no longer eligible to compete in that event.  This eliminates the exceptions for team events that were previously in place, as this change will now affect all events.

  • PROCEDURAL CHANGE:  Pilot a digital badging policy to give recognition to members who earn a proficient level (level to be determined) on objective tests.

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